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Disclaimer! The safety information provided is basic. It is the responsibility of the person carrying out the experiment to carry out their own risk assessment for each individual circumstance. The Solar Spark does not take responsibility for any incidents or accidents as a result of these activities.

Ever wanted to see what it was like to be a scientist? Well, here are some fun experiments and activities that allow you to do just that! You can find out why the sky is blue but the sunset is red, make plants glow in the dark, and even make your own rainbow inside a box!

Make your own Spectrometer

Make a “rainbow in a box” using card and a CD.

 A4 card, CD, sellotape, scissors.

Home-made Batteries

Make batteries using fruit, coins, fizzy drinks and yourself!

 coins, fruit, wires and clips, foil, LED or ammeter.

Newton Wheel of Fortune

A colouring activity to demonstrate that white light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow.

 colouring pencils, blu-tack, scissors.

Spectrometer Home-made Batteries Newton Wheel



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Instructions (harder)
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Templates (harder)

Chlorophyll Fluorescence

An activity exploring light absorption in plants and fluorescence.

 spinach, nail varnish remover, torch, dark room.

The Tyndall Effect

Why is the sky blue and the
sunset red? It’s all to do with light scattering and the Tyndall Effect.

 glasses, laser pointer, milk, water, torch.

Make Plastic from Milk

Make your own plastic using
only milk and vinegar.

 vinegar, milk, cloth, oven

Chlorophyll Fluorescence Tyndall Effect Plastic from Milk
Experiment Notes


Experiment Notes